TNC Molasses

  • Feeds and encourages beneficial bacteria
  • Ideal for compost teas
  • Natural source of carbohydrate and minerals
  • High in potassium


TNC Molasses is designed to feed and encourage the friendly bacteria in the rhizosphere. A source of natural carbohydrates and minerals with no added Sulphur. TNC Molasses is ideal for use in Compost Teas, Super Charging worm castings or compost and similar methods.


Soil – 10ml per 5ltr – apply as a drench
Tea – 5ml per 10ltr when brewing compost/vermi-cast tea or as instructed by your brewer.


Contains carbohydrates and natural minerals including :-
K 4.2%, Ca 0.8%, S 0.4%, Mg 0.3%, P 0.25%