TNC GH Boost

  • Boosts General Hardness (GH) of tank water
  • Increases Magnesium, Calcium & Potassium levels
  • Ideal for the soft, rain or RO water user
  • Simple to use powder


TNC GH Boost contains Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium salts. Added to your tank it will increase the water hardness and the levels of these three nutrients – all of which are essential for healthy plants.
GH stands for General Hardness – sometimes referred to as permanent hardness. It is the measure of the Calcium and Magnesium salts dissolved in the water supply and is measured in degrees (°GH or dGH)
Although both Calcium and Magnesium can be found in most domestic water supplies, the quantities can vary depending on where you live. If the water is described as ‘soft’ there may be very little, if any, of either. This can result in plants showing signs of Calcium and/or Magnesium deficiency.
If RO water, rain water or soft water from the tap is used in the aquarium then Calcium and Magnesium should be added.

To check the hardness of your water, you could use a test kit or you could check on your water suppliers website if you are using tap water.


1tsp of TNC GH Boost will increase the hardness of 100 litres of water by approx. 1 dGH.


K 13.5% (K2O 13.2%),Ca 9% (CaO 12.5%), Mg 3% (MgO 5%)